Sunday, July 11, 2010

love this blog but i'm moving out

dear readers-

because blogspot has been causing me much unwanted stress-it has been difficult to impossible to use lately- i have decided to move to wordpress.  i am keeping this entire blog up because it's well over 500 posts, but will no longer be posting here.  the new blog will have the exact same title and can be found at
bindi fry's itty bitty brain basket

it will be networked on facebook & will show up on your page when posts arrive.
those not on facebook with me can just go to the new addy.

this makes me sad because i've used blogspot for many years.  i currently have 3 blogs here on blogspot
bindifry's itty bitty brainbasket
adventures in tokyo
adventures in india

my food blog,
a taste of the fry

which i started on wordpress, has never given me a single problem.  i really don't know why.  it's possible that mac/safari is more compatible with wordpress & blogspot is better used with pc/explorer?  no one has given me any answers.  anyone experience this or know anything about it?

i hope to see you at my new diggs.

bindi fry


Kristi said...

I tried Blogspot briefly but it was quirky, so I've always used Wordpress. I will follow you on over. Oh BTW I have new blog focusing on writing and creativity -- I will put it in the link field below -- if you want to check it out. I think I have read every one of your various blogs!


bindifry said...

thx kristi! see you over there :-)