Wednesday, July 7, 2010

life must go on

21 grams refers to the cultural meme propagated by the 1907 research of physician Dr. Duncan MacDougall which purported to show scientific proof of the existence of the immortal human soul by recording a small loss of body weight (representing the departure of the soul) immediately following death.-wiki-

 it's also the title of a 7 year old film i had never seen until 4 days ago.  i watched it immediately before sleeping & woke up crying all morning.  it affected me deeply & still does today (i cry as i write this).  i don't really know why except part of it has to do with organ donation.  kate, our yogi pal who recently passed, had been waiting for a liver for many years.  another friend is waiting for bone marrow.  i used to think that it was unethical to give away our organs.  unnatural.  i mean, if god intended us to just keep replacing body parts, wouldn't we all have been born as robots?  that is one theory.  however, this film & knowing others who need blood, eyes, organs, etc. makes me think differently about it.  it's something we all must make a choice about now-before we die because if we wait too long, it is too late.  

this film, was was directed by mexican film maker Alejandro González Iñárritu who also did another excellent & profound film amores perros-another film that took me a long time to shake off.  it has an unbelievable cast-sean penn, benicio del torro & a STANDOUT performance by naomi watts.  the entire film is out of order.  it takes patience to figure out what the connection of these 3 characters will be.  

penn, almost dead,  waits in a hospital for a heart.  del torro, a converted christian x-petty theif trying to get his life "right" accidently runs over watt's husband & 2 young children.  penn receives watt's husband's heart.  penn hires a detective to find out where the heart came from.  that brings him together with watts & del torro. then comes revenge, love, devistation & salvation.

i don't want to reveal any more because i think everyone should watch this.  i already spoiled it for a friend because i just can't stop talking about it.
or thinking about it.

it's about people trying to do the right thing.  it's about death.  it's about life.  

life must go on.

all 21 grams of it.

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Arturo said...

dear Bindi

yes, i remember amores perros - shocking film. i remember they used to say they didn't submit the dogs to real fights to make some of the scenes in the movie - if i remember some dog fights. great cast. the new one you make reference to must be interesting.