Sunday, June 20, 2010

some humans that i ♥ ♥ ♥

we all express our love differently. i have a hard time receiving love. so of course it's hard for me to give. not wanting to psycho-analyze this, i just felt like sharing with you some of those "special" people who are rare, like kate, & who i love & am inspired by.


derek is from nola. he's a musician who played with the iguanas for many years. i love being around him.


siva, my computer saavy pal from kovalam. adore him. now he has his own computer kiosk.

michiko & son

michiko from kyoto, japan. i taught her in thailand. she met her husband in japan, had a child & followed him to thailand. he recently left her for a thai woman. she is now hard to contact because i don't know where she is. my heart is heavy for her.


nagraj (i cal him raj) from kovalam. i don't need to explain this one. everyone loves him. it's contagious.

me & mindy

mindy. she moved back to tokyo after living here 14 years. i love her & miss her very much.

hat store

KATSU! like the male japanese kate. lovelovelovelovelove him & miss him TERRIBLY.

loving the guru

cara & guruji. i've known cara since the beginning of my yoga journey. she helped me on my path & still is a friend. guruji was love personified. it was impossible NOT to love him SO much.


the machine. because i had someone to practice yoga with every morning at 5am. it was impossible for me to be lazy cause he never was. i shared everything i ever knew about yoga with him. i used to call him my yoga husband. but those days are gone.


doris. she is human enough for me. i can not live without her.


kelly. i taught her in several studios for years. i enjoyed photographing her with child. it was my pleasure.

sharaf & me

sharaf. also from kovalam. we had some serious fun. india is packed with wonderful humans. unfortunately he tried to get a little too friendly. oh well. i still have great memories.


ania-a math genius from russia. fell through the cracks repeatedly but kept coming back to mysore class & ended up taking it further than most anyone i have met. she is a huge inspiration.


the colonel eating durian when i was studying in bali. i suppose we wouldn't still be together for 17 years, you know?


my oldest & best friend jill who is rick bayless' sommalier. she is about to get signed for her own tv show. she's been on rick's already. woo hoo!

me n tina

tina from byron bay, australia. my house in oz (i studied 3 months with dena kingsberg in australia) was close to her hawaiian restaurant. she always cheered me up because i got lonely so much. she lost her restaurant & had to move back to hawaii.


rosie. i met her in thailand. she went to india right afterwards. a true pure spirit, which is extremely common for thai people.


my family in thailand. they own the spa i worked for. every single one was in mysore classes except the boy. i love them.


ALL my students in tokyo.

dog wash

my mother in law. that's a tough one because of my personal family issues i've written about in the past. but i do love her.

dave & lili

dave & his daughter iilly. i played in dhamba8 with him for many many years. he is a bass player. he was the best man at my wedding. he inspires me so much. he is not afraid of anything. i learned from him that i should NEVER be afrad to screw up LOUDLY. i'm a better drummer after following that advice. he's also the best father i have ever known. and a damn good cook.


adam. accomplished artist & teacher at the art institute of chicago. i taught him & his wife yoga for 2 years in exchange for 2 paintings. he is super rad, happy ass, & really fun. oh, he also plays a mean guitar.

joe patt

joe. also an acomplished musician, he plays with the royal pines. he is very sweet to hang out with. i'm not sure he knows how fond i am of him.

another guitar god

DAVE ALVIN!!! i told him i loved him when i met him a month ago playing with the knitters. he thought i was an ass-hat. however, i can make up for it by cooing over him on the fourth of july at fitzgeralds when he plays with THE BLASTERS!!!!!

johnny v!!!

johnny vidocovich!!! he taught me (along with zigaboo) how to play second line drums with his educational vids. i am not afraid to talk to him when i'm in new orleans. very approachable man. he even played with fess!!!


THIS one i'm still working on.


Susan said...

You are an awesome person...seriously.
I only know you here in the interwebs, but you rock lady.
Just gotta let go of the bullshit some unfortunate circumstances placed in your head.


bindifry said...

susan thanks a lot.
yeah, gotta let it go. but how?

Brooks Hall said...

This is a great post. The last part makes it. You LOVE all these people! Now how about loving yourself, too!! You said it. I just saw it. Be well.

Anonymous said...

LoveLoveLove this post! Don't know any of these people but they shine out from the page. Made me laugh out loud. No wonder you love them!

FG's for the 4th? You'll be at MY favorite hangout.

Arturo said...

that's a lovely tribute to your loved ones, Bindi. big hug,

bindifry said...

i hope no one was hurt they weren't posted. i simply do not have photos of everyone in my life that inspires me.