Tuesday, June 29, 2010

private dance

i don't know what to write about lately. or even what the point of writing is. why? why do i share private thoughts with perfect strangers? allow myself to be judged? misunderstood? what does this do for me?

i'm a bit creeped out that i just put my shit out there without too much self editing. and i'm shy in person.

i think about that sometimes. blogging is a strange thing.

i have always loved writing. and what is the point of writing if no one reads what you write? it's like playing music on your futon. i have more fun sharing music with others, both playing with & for.

or dancing alone.

there's NOTHING wrong with that. i have very serious bollywood routines memorized that few will be allowed to participate in or view. HOWEVER i would WAY rather have a partner to dance with. ahh...my salsa days are very fond memories.

i don't want to cook a killer meal & eat it alone.

the point is this. if it can not be shared, it is not as much fun.

enjoy this clip. it's my private dance.
and probably more than a billion other's too.

on top of a train the film is called   dil se (from the heart) starring   shahrukh khan
&   manisha koirala 2 of india's finest. this   a.r. rahman song is pure CLASSIC.

जिनके सर हो इश्क़ की छांव
पावों के नीचे जन्नत होगी
चल छैयां छैयां, छैयां छैयां,
छैयां छैयां, छैयां छैयां
गुलपोश कभी इतरायें कहीं,
मह्के तो नज़र आ जाये कहीं
तावीज़ बनाके पहनूं उसे,
आयत की तरह मिल जाये कहीं

Chaiyya Chaiyya-(walk in shade)

Whose head is in the shade of love, heaven is under his feet.
Walk in the shade, remain in the shade,
remain in the shade, remain in the shade.
The flower-wearer walks around self-assured, I can spot him by the scent,
I can wear him like an amulet, sometime I encounter him as a hymn.

Like the songs of Mirabai or works of several sufi poets, this song is dvayashraya kavya, it can be interpreted in two ways; as a worldly love song, or a song for the beloved lord. -wiki-


Gumbomum said...

You are truly one-of-a-kind and I love the glimpses of your life and thought process that you give through your blog.

Tracy said...

I may not always comment. But I do so love what you write...and I adore you as a person. Never stop being who you are <3

Rigel and Me said...

I enjoy reading what you write, and often it gives me a lot of food for thought. Don't stop.

jh00mer said...


I just found your blog today. You're a talented writer. Keep it up. One suggestion: more yoga!

OM Shanti

khh3 said...

I really enjoy your blog. One old-school thought that I think rings true, from Will Rogers "A stranger is a friend I haven't met yet."

bindifry said...

i'm not stopping. i'm just pontificating.
feels pretty naked sometimes. & i don't have the body i used to have.

Arturo said...

dear Bindi

about the writing, i think it's healing and builds community.

love your comments on the Japanese and their cleanliness.


bindifry said...

it does not hurt to get to use a giant japanese bath every day. my host family insisted that i do it & even prepared it for me. you don't go in the tub dirty like in the US. first you shower. than soak. you could operate the tub temperature from switches on the wall of their kitchen as well as amount of water-they believed that you should not fill it too much because it is bad for the heart. i did it anyways because having only your head sticking out of the hot tub (temperature control meant it never got tepid) and one of those soap bombs were like i died & went to heaven.