Monday, June 14, 2010

missing you kate

there are few people on this planet who embody total graciousness & kindness. who never show their pain no matter how much they are dealing with. who live simply.

kate maguire was of those few.

i first met her at yogaview in it's original location. she worked the desk & sometimes came to mysore class. after finding out she had been practicing yoga for 6 years & was unable to do a headstand in the center of the room, we decided to get rid of her wall once & for all. success.

she was so grateful for this that she gave me some spending money for one of my overseas trips. she insisted. then she joined me in kovalam to study with lino on my 4th trip. i got to know her better. i learned about her family, her illness, her heart. yoga was not always easy for her yet she stuck with it & accepted it for what it was. she was incredibly generous & thoughtful towards others. i was often astonished how she never seemed to feel sorry for herself.

she had a little dog named champara (shorty or chompi) who needed a wool sweater for the cold weather, so i knit one for her & a hat to match for kate in japanese yarn. chompi enjoyed his sweater a lot. he never left her side.

kate made yogaview the most beautiful studio i've ever seen. her taste & talent with flowers was unbelievable. i never got to see her garden yet we live in the same neighborhood. we were trying to schedule some buddy meditation in her rose garden but things got complicated in her life.

kate lived righteously. without any ego whatsoever. always a kind word. always listening to what you have to say. compassionate. giving. an awesome role model & inspiration to all that knew her.

and completely down to earth.

missing you kate


Anonymous said...

Thank you lisa. She was such a beautiful person and always giving, giving. I miss her so much. She was loved by so many. The hole she has left is huge

bindifry said...

i feel like theres a hole in my heart.
i taught the wall-less headstand in my class yesterday to honor her. it helped me feel better.
you knew her best. i'm so sorry for your pain.

Rhiannon said...

thank you lisa for your hearfelt comments,i saw katy almost every morning of my life for the past few years. she welcomed each day like a rainbow of light. i kept saying to myself tomorrow, i will make space, time to get to know her better and it is yesterday's tomorrow and she is no longer with us. i feel fortunate to have had some of her soft gentle ways, but so regret not making time for the goodness that entered my life. i hope i will not make such mistakes again. bindy, you too embodty katy's generosity. thank you for all that you have done forme , like helping me to be less afraid.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa for sharing your memories of Katy--she will be missed deeply. I worry though about Erin--her daughter who is now an orphan and left to fare alone. She is a wandering spirit and I worry about her wellbeing. Do you know how she is doing?

bindifry said...

thats very kind rena. thank you.
i have no idea about erin. she probably is going to need some help getting through this. my god.

mdm said...

Hi, everybody. I knew Katy in her rascally filmmaker days. Someone who knows her kids, PLEASE tell them how much she loved them. I personally remember a film she made about Patrick & his illnesses. It won awards. One time she presented a leather jacket to her toddler, Erin, who was celebrating a birthday. The kid looked like a baby Ramone. Katy looked at me & said, "Isn't Erin mighty?"... I'm so sorry about the pain that punk was in. I am happy to read & to hear she was surrounded by yoga & by so many who loved her. God loves her. She is at peace....xoxox, Mary M.

bindifry said...

mary thank you so much for sharing that.