Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i'm turning japanese i really think so....

underwater selfportrait

spending so much time in asia has made me extremely foot conscious. it has become normal for me to remove my shoes before entering ANYONE'S home. i also scrub them before teaching so as not to offend anyone with dirt. one of my teachers washed their feet in bleach. i was surprised that was shared. it made them "human." and definitely made me laugh. i'm sure i would not feel this way had i not spent so many years in asia. the japanese are the cleanest damn people i've ever taught. they smelled like flowers, their feet were always perfectly cleaned & the studio had natural cleaning fluid so everyone wiped down their mat before & after practicing. where i work people crumple their mats up all sweaty like a used piece of tissue. gross. no wonder there's a lack of respect for yoga here.

at kate's memorial i immediately removed my footwear. a child ran up to me & squealed with delight.

"you are the only person who has taken their shoes off before entering!"

then he danced around the house. hmmm. because the house was gorgeous lined with kashmiri rugs i was NOT going to put my shoes on those. i have a couple & know about silk.

i was always completely blown away when people would come to my mysore class with black feet & not showered. it's an enclosed space. me & everyone else can smell you. wash your ass. i even would refer to some students when discussing them as "dirty feet girl" or "dirty butt boy."
really, people. everyone CAN smell you. & it's gross.

another asian thing i've started doing is sweeping out my floors in the morning every day. i notice indians do it, why do i only clean my house once a week? it should be done every day. it reduces stress for me. clutter & dust is not good for the soul. i also only sit on the floor when possible because chairs hurt my spine & hips. & i sleep on the floor because i loathe beds. also very japanese.

i'm turning japanese oh yes i'm turning japanese i really think so.....


then i started thinking about this yoga thing-someone commented on my last post

"more yoga please"

there you go. the main thing that has been central to me & my personal yoga world as of late is pranayama 1-2 times daily, 20 minutes each sitting. morning & dusk. i NEED that. it grounds me. i would rather do that & meditate than do asana. but i try to squeeze it all in without stressing about it all. so far, so good.

thing is this. after 14 years of daily practice, the siddhis begin to activate. google it if you don't know what i am talking about.

anyhow, i realize that if your yamas & niyamas are not in place, that power is difficult to harness. i might have to become a veg again after all.

this probably sounds ethereal, but if you are serious about yoga, surely you are aware of patanjali's "yoga sutras."

read one of the later books (book 5) & it discusses a fascinating subject-siddhi. i used to read all about them when i first started doing yoga. it seemed so mystical to me. now it's part of my life.

on another note, i was just telling the colonel how proud i am to have achieved convincing 3 of my corporate classes to practice mysore style. of course everyone freaks out at first but once it starts going, thats what they want to do. they can get a lot more individual attention, they get empowered. i tell them

"now you don't need me anymore"

to that my tuesday class replied

"but we love you"

i cried a little. privately. that was a very nice thing to say to me.

i try to empower all my students to learn the sequencing-just the salutations & standing postures. some inversions. because i never ever wanted to help people & make them dependent on me like chiropractors do.

i want to help people help themselves.
that empowers me.


Brooks Hall said...

I like this!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the FEET thing and the rest. It's amazing to me that people are not concious of it. The idea of my beautiful and clean footed yoga teacher helping me in a pose, holding one or both of my feet at any time being possible...makes it difficult for me NOT to make sure they are callous free and squeaky clean.

Thanks for your's very special as are you. I can relate to so much of what you write and what you are all about :)

Have a beautiful day!

bindifry said...

yup. i have to handle people's feet a lot, and do some adjustments that gets my nose very close to butt & crotch. another thing which does not happen much but does in the shala in india is spraying lavander on themselves. i HATE lavander. it's so strong. i got in a fight with someone over it because i moved my mat away from her & SHE was offended. did she stop using it? no way. some people just don't care.

thank you for your kind comment